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恥ずかしい日本の改正道路交通法の高齢者差別 これを自慢げに世界に報告する警察庁の知的レベル


今年の交通事故の国際比較(IRTAD) に報告された日本の記載


Since 12 March 2017, the following measures also apply:
● Drivers aged 75 or over, who would like to renew their driver’s licence, are required to take cognitive impairment screening tests. Drivers whose test scores are under a certain threshold are required to have a medical examination. If dementia is diagnosed, their licences are revoked or suspended.
● Drivers aged 75 or over, who commit certain traffic violations; are required to take extraordinary cognitive impairment screening tests and go through a similar procedure.

IRTAD Road Safety Annual Report 2017 20章:日本のレポートより。



日本の恥、「70歳以上の高齢者の運転する車にステッカーを張らせる」が消えた。 OECD/IRTADの日本の交通安全戦略報告


IRTAD(OECD)Road Safety 2009  Annual Report  Japan, p.127

™ Licensing, regulation • The Road Traffic Law was revised in June 2008 and is now in force.

抜粋:Drivers aged 75 and above, and those who are hearing impaired, have to display a special sticker on their car. The penalty for not doing so is one point and a fine of 4 000 yen. .

国際レベルの、恥ずかしくない総合的な ”道路安全制度評価組織” が望まれる。


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